We hope you find our climbing blog useful. We have tried to write articles that inform people to the best of our ability. However, there is always scope for interpretation between readers and although written by experienced climbers there is no substitute for formal training or gaining experience especially in the mountains. Hope you enjoy the Blog!

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How to navigate of Ben Nevis

How to navigate off Ben Nevis Summit

The number of people summiting Ben Nevis each year is in the tens of thousands. With the increase in tourism and participation in outdoor sports, the numbers attempting to reach its summit are only set to increase. In this blog, I have tried to explain what I believe to be some of the defining factors for navigating safely off the summit of Ben Nevis.
What to pack for Scottish Winter Climbing

What to pack for Scottish Winter Climbing

There is a unique winter climbing scene in Scotland where budding mountaineers attempt to scale classic and modern routes up the side of mountains in any conditions the weather throws at them. It takes a certain type of person; someone willing to get up in freezing conditions, often in the dead of the night to literally torture themselves in horrendous weather just to climb a mountain. OK, it isn’t always so bad, we are occasionally blessed with bright blue skies and crisp fluffy snow to play in – a rarity admittedly!