We hope you find our climbing blog useful. We have tried to write articles that inform people to the best of our ability. However, there is always scope for interpretation between readers and although written by experienced climbers there is no substitute for formal training or gaining experience especially in the mountains. Hope you enjoy the Blog!

Mountain Guides Scotland

The Thrilling World of Ice Climbing

In the heart of winter, when nature cloaks mountains in glistening coats of ice and snow, a unique breed of adventurers emerges to conquer the frozen heights. Ice climbing, an exhilarating and physically demanding sport, allows enthusiasts to ascend frozen waterfalls, ice-covered cliffs, and icy rock faces that transform into vertical playgrounds during the winter months.
Mountain Weather

Mountain Weather

Understanding mountain weather and reading mountain forecasts are essential skills walkers, climbers, and mountaineers must learn. This skill is necessary to avoid adventures turning into misadventures, weekend missions into epic tales, and simple walks into unfortunate tragedies.
Costa Blanca Climbing

Climbing in Costa Blanca

The northern regions of Spain are famous for challenging world-class rock climbs, but further south, particularly in the Costa Blanca, there is a wealth of easier rock climbing and brilliant mountaineering.
Longevity & OFM

Longevity & Optimised Fat Metabolism

I know the next ten years will determine my longevity as a mountaineer and endurance runner. I put forethought into it every day. It is not a chore, and I recommend anyone who enjoys the mountains but 'creaks' every morning to do the same.
The Slovak Direct

The Slovak Direct

Steve House and Alan Rousseau: reflections on light & fast Alpinism, from their experiences on the Slovak Direct (Denali), one of the most legendary routes in the Alaska range. In the summer of 2000, Steve House, Mark Twight and Scott Backes made a stunning 60-hour single push ascent of the route, and it was only this year that the route was climbed again in a single push style by Alan Rousseau, Jackson Marvell and Matt Cornell in 21 hours and 35 minutes. In this double interview they explain the deeper purpose that animated them and their vision of mountaineering. What is the light and fast style?
Winter Climbing Gloves

Winter Climbing Gloves

I find gloves the single most challenging piece of gear to get right, and I have tried hundreds of winter climbing gloves in many harsh and demanding conditions. Still, no matter the brand, the principle of rotating through different pairs for different circumstances remains the same.

Ten Tips for Scrambling on Skye

Research is the starting blocks for any adventure and a cornerstone for a productive time on the Cuillin Ridge. A guidebook such as the SMC 'Skye Scrambles' is a great book. Inside you will find detailed information on geology, flora, wildlife, weather, historical notes and of course lists of incredible scrambles on Skye.
Celtman Triathlon

Road To The Celtman Triathlon

So then it was, a mild drizzly June morning at 5 am, I was standing on the start line, the blazing triskele glowing against the brightening sky and the safety boats bobbing in the dark water of loch Shieldaig. The blooms of Jellyfish awaited. 15 hours and 9 minutes later I too am a Celtman - Lynn Gatherer.
Mental Strength

Mental Strength

Testing yourself is not easy and I guess that’s why many of us do it. Enjoy the challenge of pushing yourself physically and mentally but do not take it lightly. Climbing a route that has been a true mental battle is a journey deep into our psyche. It allows you to see who you really are and to learn about yourself in a way many will never know. - Kev Shields
Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

For me, to genuinely appreciate the attraction and meaning of adventure, we should aspire to look beyond the physical aspect of adventuring and look toward the psychological benefit that flows much deeper. - Sean Comiskey
Mountaineering boots

Mountaineering Boots | Buying Guide

If there was a single piece of kit that can make or break your day in the mountains it is the boots on your feet. When deciding how to buy the correct mountaineering boots you must first consider the suitability of the boot to the specific ‘type’ of mountaineering. For example, an Alpine mountaineering boot will have very different features to a High-altitude mountaineering boot. Boots are made in different fabrics, itemised into different ratings and come in ‘single or ‘double’ configuration. Depending on aspiration and the type of ground you expect to cover in your boots will depend on the characteristics you will look for when buying a pair of mountaineering boots.
How to choose an ice axe

How to Choose an Ice Axe | Buying Guide

There are many ice axes on the market and sometimes it is difficult to know which ice axe to buy. In this ice axe buying guide, I aim to clarify their uses and shed light on how to choose an ice axe. The use and benefits of each type of ice axe are detailed including why they are different shapes and sizes and why buying the correct model is important.
Crampon Guide

Crampon Guide | How to Choose

Crampons are a metal platform with varying amounts of spikes on the bottom that allow us to move more easily over snow and ice. They attach to the bottom of a winter boot via bails, baskets and straps and come in three ratings: C1, C2 and C3. This crampon guide will help you make the choice of which crampon to buy but fist you must ask yourself a couple of questions;
How to navigate of Ben Nevis

How to navigate off Ben Nevis Summit

The number of people summiting Ben Nevis each year is in the tens of thousands. With the increase in tourism and participation in outdoor sports, the numbers attempting to reach its summit are only set to increase. In this blog, I have tried to explain what I believe to be some of the defining factors for navigating safely off the summit of Ben Nevis.
what to pack for scottish winter climbing

What to pack for Scottish Winter Climbing

There is a unique winter climbing scene in Scotland where budding mountaineers attempt to scale classic and modern routes up the side of mountains in any conditions the weather throws at them. It takes a certain type of person; someone willing to get up in freezing conditions, often in the dead of the night to literally torture themselves in horrendous weather just to climb a mountain. OK, it isn’t always so bad, we are occasionally blessed with bright blue skies and crisp fluffy snow to play in – a rarity admittedly!
Mountain Guides Scotland
Mountain Guides Scotland
Mountain Guides Scotland