Scrambling is best described as an extension of mountain walking that also requires using your hands to make upward progress. To some, this will feel like rock climbing, but generally scrambling will be less serious and have places to escape the route should the going get too tough. Our Scrambling Course Scotland aims to train people in this environment to become more confident and independent mountaineers, enabling them to scramble independently in the UK mountains and move more efficiently over Alpine terrain.

Based on the West Coast of Scotland there are numerous opportunities to climb routes of varying levels of difficulty. This allows us to cater for a varying skills level and gives us the best chance of using technical ground should the weather and conditions be against us. We offer two- or four-day training packages with bespoke content depending on experience and ambitions for each participant. The two-day scrambling course is ideal for time-restricted participants, and for aspiring Alpine or Cuillin Ridge mountaineers we recommend four days of training to provide a deeper understanding of the skill needed to climb safely over this terrain.

The more time practising the better and under the watchful eye of your guide we will gradually give you more responsibility to refine the skills being taught to you. Depending on ambition expect to cover some of the following skills on our scrambling course Scotland.

  • Rope techniques for scrambling
  • How to take chest coils
  • Placing protection and building anchors
  • Route choice and how to use a guidebook
  • Abseiling
  • Crevasse rescue
  • Glacier travel
  • Master the lightweight Alpine bivi

Choosing the four-day Scrambling course includes an overnight stay in the CIC Hut which is situated under the North Face of Ben Nevis or, the opportunity to sleep under the stars in a mountain top bivouac.


Scrambling course Scotland
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The price includes the use of technical equipment such as harnesses, helmets, ropes and technical hardware. Overnight bivi’s or the CIC Hut can be provided for an additional cost.

Number of People 2 Day Course
1 £480
2 £540
3 £600


The price includes the use of technical equipment such as harnesses, helmets, ropes and technical hardware. It also includes an overnight bivi or night in the CIC Hut.

Number of People 4 Day Course
1 £990
2 £1140
3 £1290
Scrambling course Scotland
Scrambling course Scotland


Climbing in the Alps requires a bit more speed and efficiency than we are used to in the United Kingdom. But speed only comes through training and practise so that using a rope in the mountains becomes second nature. There are also a lot of glaciers, many of which are becoming difficult to cross as the season’s change and temperatures rise throughout the world. Care and experience are required to cross safely but anyone can get caught out, which is why it is important to have the necessary skills to rescue each other should a hole appear beneath one’s feet!

This Scrambling Course is a bespoke mountaineering course meaning participates can have their say to what content is delivered. Cuillin Ridge aspirants may not wish to deal with the complexities of crevasse rescue and glacier travel, but route finding and rope management should be top of their list for mountaineering on Skye. Alpine bivis can be an amazing experience but can be detrimental to completing your chosen route if an Alpinist packs to wrong kit or select the wrong type of meal for a route with no water supply.

By joining our scrambling course you will be instructed by a keen Alpinist with many years of experience of scrambling in the UK and climbing in the European Alps.

Plenty of skills learnt from scrambling on the Cuillin Ridge are transferable to Alpine mountaineering. It is why it is not uncommon for our Cuillin Ridge guides to deliver our 2 and 4-day scrambling courses too. Many of our Ten Tips for Scrambling on Skye are also transferable.


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