Our overseas expeditions comprise of small teams in large places. Nepal has long been one of our favourite places to visit in the world. Being one of the six countries the main Himalayan chain crosses, Nepal is home to over ninety 7000 meter peaks of which eight stretch above the ‘magic’ 8000 meter mark. Trekking or climbing in this magnificent range is something we recommend every mountaineer should contemplate in their lifetime – it truly is a wonder of the world.


Trek The Great Himalaya Trail across one of the largest mountain range on earth starting from Kanchenjunga to Makalu Base Camp. Join our Himalayan Climbing Expedition and attempt Sarphu - a multi-summit mountain with no recorded ascent to date.

The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT)

The High Level Great Himalaya Trail is a long trekking expedition going from the Eastern border to the Western border of the Nepalese Himalaya. It encompasses the highest possible altitude route which includes three 6000+m passes in the Eastern section where a degree of basic mountaineering skill is required. Covering a distance over 1700km in length many people simply do not have the time to commit to a single continuous expedition. So, over the next five years, Synergy Guides will trek across the GHT in five manageable sections starting in the Far Eastern region of Kanchenjunga.

Kanchenjunga to Makalu Base Camp (GHT)

Kanchenjunga (8586m) is the worlds third highest mountain. It forms the eastern border of Nepal and shares three of it’s five sacred summits with India’s Sikkim. The mountain lies in a protected area which boasts globally significant endangered species such as the snow leopard, Asian black bear and blood pheasant.

Our planned expedition to trek the first section of the GHT from Kanchenjunga Base Camp to Makalu Base Camp will take place in the Spring of 2020. This incredible journey will take 45 days total including internal transfers to and from Kathmandu. This trip is ideal for the adventurous trekker as we will travel through wild and remote regions where very few people venture in to. 

Trekking to the start of the Great Himalaya Trail is long and arduous in itself. After achieving Kanchenjunga Base Camp the plan is to get as close to the Jongsang La as possible before turning on our heels back towards Kangpachen and the approach trail. The GHT soon directs us into the uninhabited wilderness of the Lumbha Sambha and into the vast Makalu Barun which hosts towering granite rock walls and lush alpine meadows.

GHT Kanchenjunga – Makalu BC Price Per Person*

(45 days total)


*excluding international flights

Nepal Expedition

Synergy Guides work closely with our in-country partners; Off the Wall Trekking. They have provided us with exceptional logistical support for Himalayan expeditions in the past.

They specialise in fully equipped camping expeditions which allow participants to visit the lesser known and less visited trekking areas in comfort. You can expect fully trained and experienced staff, following eco-aware trekking and camping systems who are able to complement the first class equipment with first class attention to detail.

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Himalayan Climbing Expeditions

Nepal promotes many ‘open’ expedition climbing peaks that see plenty of attention from traditional commercial expedition companies. These peaks see multiple ascents each season and are exceptionally beautiful and challenging objectives in their own right. However, what Synergy Guides are trying to achieve in conjunction with our Nepalese in-country partner is an added sense of adventure by travelling to lesser visited areas to attempt rarely climbed or unclimbed mountains.

Our aim is still to ensure a degree of comfort by using excellent camping equipment, yet the vision is to use less in situ mountain huts and whenever possible forfeit fixed ropes and traditional Himalayan siege tactics. 

While traditional expeditions are fantastic experiences, we believe the real essence of exploring the Himalaya is to camp and climb in lesser visited areas.

Nepal Expedition 3

Sarphu IV - Unclimbed 6433m

Nepal Expedition 4

Each year people flock to the high Himalaya trying to stand on their chosen summit be it for the experience or simply to enhance their desktop screensaver – the motivation to succeed is highly emotional yet usually simple. Very few of these expeditions are exploratory and far fewer visit the quieter regions of Nepal.

The ‘honeypot’ areas such as Everest and Annapurna are the primary trekking areas which along with their popular climbing peaks continue to develop and and attract the majority of visitors. As with any tourist related destinations in the world, the honeypots get richer while the lesser known areas receive little or no attention and fail to develop. 

In the Autumn of 2020, we plan to attempt an ascent of Sarphu IV, which at present is part of a chain of unclimbed mountains in the Kanchenjunga region. Although this region does see a flow of trekkers each season it hugely underdeveloped compared to the Khumbu yet every bit as impressive and awe-inspiring as Annapurna. 

Attempting to climb where very few have been before does require commitment both emotionally and financially. As such, expeditions such as these do come with a degree of uncertainty and are not for the fainthearted mountaineer. Participants joining us on this expedition can be safe in the knowledge that many months of research and prior investigation into the validity of this trip has been done. There will be a team travelling to this region to attempt one of the Sarphu satellite peaks in 2019 which will bring valuable information back about possible ascent routes for our attempt at Sarphu IV the following year.

Whilst climbing and trekking in this area, there is an extremely high chance that you will be the only foreigners on the trails. If this proposition daunts you when maybe consider our trek across the GHT as an alternative adventurous expedition. Yet for those who seek the solitude, imagine the feeling of creating your own little bit of history by standing atop one of the worlds remaining unclimbed mountains.

Nepal Expedition 5
Sarphu IV – Unclimbed Price Per Person*

(27 days total)


*excludes international flights


Expedition Life

Exploratory expeditions to Nepal can be an incredible experience. They can also be hard won as expedition life is sometimes cold and uncomfortable. Yet it is almost impossible to resist the draw of these mountains and the spiritual feeling they immerse you in. We want your trip to be an experience of a lifetime. You can expect an experienced western expedition leader and also a really dedicated team of Nepalese Sherpas, porters and cooking staff there to aid us in our quest to reach the summit.


Measured Adventure

Trekking the GHT is within the grasp of a seasoned summer hill walker with a good appetite for adventure and a respectable level of fitness. The trekking speed is almost always slow and purposeful allowing plenty of time to take in the views, mix with the local people and relish every moment and viewpoint. Participants wishing to join our exploratory expedition to Sarphu should get in touch for a more detailed conversation of what is expected to be able to climb an unclimbed 6000-meter mountain.

Travelling to the Himalaya with Steve was a truly awesome adventure that met and exceeded my expectations. Not only was the trip amazing but I feel I have made some really good friends as well as opening my eyes up to new activities I will be frequenting more in the future –

Paul T

The trek to Lunag Base Camp in a remote corner of the Khumbu set new aspirations for me. I would do it again in a heartbeat; this is the stuff I live for! Thank you for keeping us safe and to the mountains and limitless adventure.

Christina D

I thought the whole pre-expedition planning was excellent. The food was better than expected and none of us got any kind of stomach bug or illness much to the credit of the in-country staff. The whole Expedition was extremely well organised from start to finish, it went way beyond my expectations.

Emma L