Each year people flock to the high Himalaya trying to stand on their chosen summit be it for the experience or simply to enhance their desktop screensaver – the motivation to succeed is highly emotional yet usually simple. Very few of these Himalayan expeditions are exploratory and far fewer visit the quieter regions of Nepal.

The ‘honeypot’ areas such as Everest and Annapurna are the primary trekking areas which along with their popular climbing peaks continue to develop and attract most visitors. As with any tourist-related destination in the world, the honeypots get richer while the lesser-known areas receive little or no attention and fail to develop.

In 2021, our Himalayan Expeditions Sarphu will attempt an ascent of Sarphu IV which at present is part of a chain of unclimbed mountains in the Kanchenjunga region. Although this region does see a flow of trekkers each season it is hugely underdeveloped compared to the Khumbu yet every bit as impressive and awe-inspiring as Annapurna.

Attempting Himalayan Expeditions where very few have been before requires commitment both emotionally and financially. As such, expeditions such as these do come with a degree of uncertainty and are not for the fainthearted mountaineer. Participants joining us on this expedition can be safe in the knowledge that many months of research and prior investigation into the validity of this trip has been done and the support from our in-country Nepalese team is amongst the best in the country.


Himalayan Expeditions

Whilst climbing and trekking in this area, there is an extremely high chance that you will be the only foreigners on the trails. If this proposition daunts you when maybe consider our trek across the Great Himalaya Trail as an alternative adventurous Himalayan expedition.

Yet for those who seek solitude and have winter climbing experience; imagine the feeling of creating your own little bit of history by standing atop one of the worlds remaining unclimbed mountains. Excited? So are we! Get in touch to discuss.

Himalayan Expeditions Sarphu Price Per Person
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Himalayan Expeditions
Himalayan Expeditions

Himalayan Expeditions Sarphu Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Bhadrapur/Biratnagar by flight, drive to Ilam
Day 2: Drive Ilam to Taplejung (1820 m)

Trek to Himalayan Expeditions Sarphu range

Day 3: Taplejung (1820 m) to Mitlung (920 m) 4 hrs
Day 4: Mitlung (920 m) to Chiruwa (1270 m) 6 hrs
Day 5: Chiruwa (1270 m) to Sukethum (1575 m) 5 1/2 hrs
Day 6: Sukethum (1576 m) to Amjilosa (2308 m) 6 hrs
Day 7: Amjilosa (2308 m) to Gyabla (2730 m) 5 hrs (or to Phale 3140 m, extra 2 hrs)
Day 8: Gyabla (2730 m) to Ghunsa (3595 m) 4 1/2 hrs
Day 9: Ghunsa (3595 m) Rest day
Day 10: Ghunsa (3595 m) to Sarphu Base Camp (4150 m) 6 hrs
Day 11: Sarphu Base Camp (4150 m) Rest day

Expedition climbing period

Day 12 – 20: Exploratory climbing period in Sarphu range

Trek back and return to Kathmandu

Day 21: Sarphu Base Camp (4150 m) to Ghunsa (3595 m) 5 hrs
Day 22: Ghunsa to Amjilosa (2308 m) 7 hrs
Day 23: Amjilosa (2308 m) to Chiruwa (1270 m) 9 hrs
Day 24: Chiruwa (1270 m) to Taplejung (1820 m) 9 hrs
Day 25: Drive to Bhadrapur/Birantnagar fly Kathmandu

International Flights / Contingency day

Day 26: Kathmandu
Day 27: International Flights


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