There are few better places to go rock climbing than the Highlands of Scotland. The spring and summer days are bright and long allowing us to take advantage of the huge amount of climbing on offer. The crags are quiet and the variety of rock, style and difficulty is comparable with anywhere in Europe.

Going rock climbing with Synergy Guides means you are in good hands. Our team has been climbing for many years and travelled the world to pursue notable climbs and first ascents. Members of our team regularly climb in the mid to high extreme grades themselves, we also have connoisseurs of Classic Rock and collectors of the esoteric rock climbs.

Our goal is to help you make the jump by teaming you with a suitable guide or instructor; whether you’re just starting out and require an introduction to rock climbing, want to learn to lead or aspire to become a more competent leader by learning how to climb E1 and above we believe we offer the best experience and value for money.


The ratios for climbing really depend on what you want to get out of your day. Larger groups who wish to have a taster Rock Climbing session or, families interested in learning how to rock climb safely are welcome at a maximum of four participants to one instructor. Guided climbing on Ben Nevis, learn to lead courses and classic mountain climbing are much more rewarding and safer at a lower ratio of two participants to one mountain guide.

Number of People Rate Per Day
1 £220
2 £250
3 £280
4 £280
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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing – What to expect

As the day of your booking approaches your guide will be in contact to discuss any final arrangements and discuss the prevailing weather forecast. At which point you can agree to a suitable time to meet on the morning of your booking and inform them of any rock climbing equipment you might require.

Based on the west coast of Scotland we have an enormous amount of rock available to us. Your guide will be experienced and knowledgeable about the local area and a plan will develop of where you might climb each day. In less than ideal weather conditions, there are still ways to climb Ben Nevis, they are just less technical and so do not require dry rock.

If you are learning to rock climb, discussions about specialist equipment, types of rope and which ones we use plus advantages of different types of rock shoe will all be covered. For guided parties, this is time to ensure you have all the correct equipment to climb your dream route.

Our main aim is to enjoy as much climbing as possible on the local mountains and crags of Ben Nevis and Glencoe. Routes such as The Gutter, Three Pines, Ardverikie Wall, Observatory Ridge, Centurion, The Pause, Spartan Slab, Nirvana Wall and routes such as Return of the Jedi are all firm favourites.


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