We work closely with our partners in Nepal to ensure a steady rate of ascent and acclimatisation. The itinerary below is a general plan for our trek along the Great Himalaya Trail, please understand it is at the mercy of the weather and relies on internal transport being on time - this is Nepal! There is an increasing number of both trekkers and agents that are trying to squeeze trekking itineraries into an ever decreasing number of days. This often results in the trekkers becoming ill and a complete dashing of their expectations. Our goal is to supply you with the most economic itinerary which has the best chance of success.


Kanchenjunga to Makalu Base Camp - Great Himalaya Trail itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Bhadrapur/Birantnagar by flight, drive to Ilam
Day 2: Drive Ilam to Taplejung (1820 m)

  • Kanchenjunga Section

Day 3: Taplejung (1820 m) to Mitlung (920 m) 4 hrs
Day 4: Mitlung (920 m) to Chiruwa (1270 m) 6 hrs
Day 5: Chiruwa (1270 m) to Sukethum (1575 m) 5 1/2 hrs
Day 6: Sukethum (1576 m) to Amjilosa (2308 m) 6 hrs
Day 7: Amjilosa (2308 m) to Gyabla (2730 m) 5 hrs (or to Phale 3140 m, extra 2 hrs)
Day 8: Gyabla (2730 m) to Ghunsa (3595 m) 4 1/2 hrs
Day 9: Ghunsa (3595 m) Rest day
Day 10: Ghunsa (3595 m) to Khangpachen (4050 m) 6 hrs
Day 11: Khangpachen (4050 m) Rest day
Day 12: Khangpachen (4050 m) to Lhonak (4780 m) 5 hrs
Day 13: Lhonak (4780 m) Rest day
Day 14: Lhonak (4780 m) to Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5143 m) 4 hrs
Day 15: Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5143 m) Rest day to ascend a small local peak
Day 16: Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5143 m) to Kangpachen (4050 m) 4 hrs
Day 17: Kangpachen (4050 m) to Ghunsa (3595 m) 3 hrs
Day 18: Ghunsa (3595 m) to Nango La Camp (4776 m) 5 1/2 hrs
Day 19: Nango La Camp (4776 m) to Yangma Khola (3430 m) 5 hrs
Day 20: Yangma Khola (3430 m) to Olangchun Gola (3191 m) 4 hrs
Day 21: Olangchun Gola (3191 m) to Pass Camp (4453 m) 7 hrs
Day 22: Pass Camp (4453 m) to Thudam (3556 m) crossing the Lumbha Sambha Pass (5159 m) 7 hrs

  • Makalu Barun Section (requires technical mountaineering, Sherpa Guides and experienced porters)

Day 23: Thudam (3556 m) Rest day
Day 24: Thudam (3556 m) to Kharka (2700 m) 7 hrs
Day 25: Kharka (2700 m) to Chyamtang (2187 m) 5 hrs
Day 26: Chyamtang (2187 m) to Hongon (2323 m) 5 hrs
Day 27: Hongon (2323 m) to Bakim Kharka (3020 m) 3 hrs
Day 28: Bakim Kharka (3020 m) to Molun Pokhari (3954 m) 4 hrs
Day 29: Molun Pokhari (3954 m) to Dhungge Kharka (3590 m) 5 hrs
Day 30: Dhungge Kharka (3590 m) to Cave Camp (3115 m) 3 1/2 hrs
Day 31: Cave Camp (3115 m) to Kalo Pokhari (4192 m) 5 hrs
Day 32: Kalo Pokhari (4192 m) to Kharka (4097 m) 5 hrs
Day 33: Kharka (4097 m) to Yangla Kharka (3557 m) 4 hrs
Day 34: Yangla Kharka (3557 m) to Langmale Kharka (4410 m) 4 hrs
Day 35: Langmale Kharka (4410 m) to Makalu Base Camp (4870 m) 4 hrs
Day 36: Makalu Base Camp (4870 m) Rest day

Great Himalaya Trail
Great Himalaya Trail
  • Return to Kathmandu

Day 37: Makalu Base Camp (4870 m) to Nehe Kharka (3000m)
Day 38: Nehe Kharka (3000m) to Mumbuk (3570m) 6hrs
Day 39: Mumbuk (3570m) to Kauma (3470m) 6hrs
Day 40: Kauma (3470m) to Tashi Gaon (2070m) 6hrs
Day 41: Tashi Gaon (2070m) to Pakuwa (1520m) 6hrs
Day 42: Pakuwa (1520m) to Bumling (1160m) 6hrs
Day 43: Bumling (1160m) to Tumlingtar (860m) 6hrs
Day 44: Kathmandu

  • International Flights / Contingency day

Day 44: Kathmandu
Day 45: International Flights

GHT Kanchenjunga – Makalu BC Price Per Person
5th April – 16th May 2020 (45 days) £5450

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